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Pluses and minuses of condoms


The main advantage of condom, as you know, is prevention not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV-infection.

In addition, a condom is one of the most available and relatively cheap remedy requiring no special training and used immediately before the sexual act.

It has no serious contraindications and is therefore recommended by our gynecologists to those women who cannot for a range of reasons use hormonal and intrauterine contraception. Condom is the most easy-to-use contraceptive among all the barrier methods.

In addition, it should also be mentioned as an advantage that a condom is the best method to use when a woman is allergic to her partner’s sperm. Though it is not so frequent, but not so rare to disregard it. Allergy generally appears at the beginning of sexual relations, when the vaginal flora comes into counteraction with sperm. After a while disappearance of such symptoms in the majority of women is generally observed or at least their considerable relief. But stay alert! — Allergy may be easily confused with an infectious disease, so please consult a doctor if you have even the slightest unpleasant and painful signs.


Now, let’s talk about the condom disadvantages and ways to eliminate them, when possible.

Firstly, many men talk about sensitivity reduction during sexual act, which negatively affects the quality of sexual life and sometimes causes a range of specific problems.

In that situation doctors generally recommend to think of choosing a different means of contraception. If the partners consider it impossible, it is recommended to use the newest extra fine items almost insensible by both partners. But remember that such items are much less effective, and it is reasonable to use them for those couples who consider pregnancy possibility.

Non-use of condoms is often supported not only by men, but also by women who consider it unaesthetic and requiring a certain time immediately before the sexual act. Unfortunately, this problem may be resolved by a change towards hormonal or intrauterine contraception only.

If You are concerned by such considerations, consult a doctor who will pick Your individual drug or set an intrauterine device. But still don’t forget about some precautions against STDs: when you have a sexual contact with a new partner it would be best to neglect aesthetics and use a condom.


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