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Unprotected sex

Making love without condom and safe sex are mutually exclusive concepts. However despite possible consequences, many couples do practice unprotected sex. But why do people take the risk? What kind of threat does unprotected sex carry us?

Why it is necessary to use a condom

Condoms protect sexual partners from venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancy by 97%, which is not the case with unprotected sex. Many people, especially young, hazard all consequences of such dangerous games. Unprotected sex supporters risk their safety and health for the sake of pleasure. They are convinced that all condoms reduce sensitivity considerably, and even make the process painful and unpleasant. Specialists affirm that the main reason for non-accepting condoms and making such considerations lies in the state of mind. Currently, there is a great deal of high-class condoms. Using such condoms partners may have senses that are quite close to natural ones. In addition, people have a possibility to vary and intensify pleasure by using condoms with different textures or ultrathin condoms.

Safety is first and foremost

Having sex both partners are at risk anyway. It doesn’t even matter whether they use a condom or not. The difference is just that condoms reduce the risk of venereal diseases to 3%, while unprotected sex increases a chance to contract a venereal disease up to 100%. In addition, a risk of pregnancy still exists even when a condom is used. However it can happen due to low quality of condoms or breaking. Therefore, it is imperative to follow simple rules for condom use specified in the instruction.

Rejected sexual intercourse

Many couples are convinced that rejected sexual intercourse may prevent them from unwanted pregnancy. The dangerous sex supporters believe that any man may learn to control physical processes and extract penis from vagina before ejaculation. However they forget that pregnancy may be caused not only by sperm, but by natural lubricant secreted from the man’s penis during the sexual act. It must be remembered that the lubricant contains enough sperm for fertilization. It means that rejected sexual intercourse fails to guarantee protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Key rules of rejected sexual intercourse:

  • A man must do his best to make ejaculation happen out of the girl’s vagina;

  • A man must prevent his sperm from falling on the girl’s external sex organs;

  • Make sure that some special spermicide is always at hand, which must be used when sperm still gets into the vagina;

  • At repeated sexual act a man must wash his penis thoroughly to prevent the remainder of sperm from getting into the vagina.

Calendar method

Popular calendar protection method is not effective as well. Absence of ovulation during certain days does not exclude pregnancy probability. This is also the case with making love immediately before or after menstruation. Even sex during menstruation may not be considered a good protection from pregnancy. In addition, a sexual contact immediately after ejaculation must be avoided: the man’s penis canal may during certain time contain enough sperm for fertilization.

Anal sex without condom

Many couples have anal sex without condoms being unaware that a risk of contracting a venereal disease is much higher in this case. According to statistics one in two contacts ends in contamination. Large intestine contains a great number of malignant bacteria and viruses. Therefore, after having anal sex with condom a condom must be changed if you want to switch to vaginal sex.

Permanent partner contacts

The overwhelming majority of couples are convinced that as soon as you have a permanent sexual partner, it is not necessary to use a condom. Of course, such contacts are possible. But only when the partners are sure of having no venereal diseases and ready for pregnancy when they trust each other.


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